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About Us


Welcome to the web of the Albrecht Forum, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the protection and revival of the Albrecht House, Bratislava’s traditional artistic and educational centre.


On this page you will find information about Albrecht Forum’s ambitions and aims. We invite you to participate in the process of restoration of the Albrecht House. Your experiences, ideas and suggestions are most welcomed. The Albrecht Forum believes that the House, currently under renovation, will soon bring joy and enjoyment to the cultural communities of Bratislava and beyond.


To find out more about the goals of the Albrecht Forum, please visit the remaining subsections in About us”.

Ivy on the wall of the Albrecht House


Read more about Alexander and Ján Albrechts’ heritage and family as well as about the history, the current state and the future of Albrecht House in the main menu below.


The Albrecht Forum hopes that the exceptional history of the Albrecht family and their home on Kapitulská Street will inspire others to join the Forum in the effort to make the rich heritage of Albretchs well-known and appreciated by the broadest layers of the society.